Rostov State University of Civil Engineering

1. Complete the table:

Things I know about Rostov State University of Civil Engineering Things I don’t know about Rostov State University of Civil Engineering Things I am not sure about Rostov State University of Civil Engineering
1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2.

2 Read and translate the text. While reading select 10 key words from the text and make up 10 sentences.

Rostov State University of Civil Engineering is the largest University in the south of Russia with the dynamic development. It is a leading institution of national higher education and it is considered to be the center of education, science, culture and sport in Russia. It was established as Civil Engineering Institute in 1944 and in 1997 it got the status of a University.

Rostov State University of Civil Engineering is dynamic at present. Nowadays it has 6 institutes, 3 faculties, a lyceum, a preparatory center, a center of scientific and technical construction examination, a certification center, two scientific research institutes: “Dortrans Scientific research Institute” and “Scientific research Institute of territorial management and city planning» and other departments.

For many years the University is headed by the professor Victor Ivanovich Shumeiko.

At present Rostov State University of Civil Engineering is the center of modern and highly qualified vocational higher education. More than 10,000 students get training here. They get qualifications in 33 special subjects, 17 programmes for masters in the fields of «Building», «Economics», «Transport systems», «Environmental protection» and others.

Modern technically equipped classrooms, computer and training laboratories provided with up-to-date facilities and software are available to students.

The University provides access to new leaning opportunities, scientific research and creative work. Students and young scientists participate in a number of degree project competitions, subject competitions and All-Russian and regional conferences.

The modern university facilities provide opportunities to ensure high quality training and research. The University has 14 buildings, 13 research departments and a library of 800,000 volumes, 5 reading rooms, an IT centre and 40 computer rooms.

Non-resident students live in three comfortable hostels. Students improve their health at the University Sanatorium and the Health Center.

The Academic body of the University has always been interested in extension of scientific and technical cooperation with other leading higher educational institutions and business companies in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Mexico, China, India, Finland and Austria. Most of them belong to the International Corporate Technical University established in Rostov State University of Civil Engineering.

Foreign scientists and researchers give lectures to the students of the University. They also take an active part in different joint educational projects.

The University has gained the reputation for patriotic, cultural and intellectual development of students. The University is famous for being not only the educational and scientific center, but also the cultural center which offers a wide range of spare time activities for students.

The slogan of the University «Glorious in the Past, dynamic at Present and aimed at the Future» reflects the higher education philosophy with the combination of traditions, innovations, experience and creative research in its concept.

3. Decide if the sentences (1-6) below are true or false.

1. Rostov State University of Civil Engineeringdates back to February, 1944 when Rostov Civil Engineering Institute was opened. T\F

2. The University maintains cooperation with higher education and leading companies of Mexico, France, Great Britain, Poland and China. T\F

3. The Academic body of the University is not interested in extension of scientific and technical cooperation with the leading higher educational institutions. T\F

4. The academic year starts on the first of November and terminates as a rule at the end of August. The academic year is divided into three semesters. T\F

5. The University trains civil engineers, architects and economists. T\F

6. Heading the South-Russian Association of Institutions of Higher Civil Engineering Education, the University, along with the educational activities, carries out research, certification, expertise in the field of construction. T\F

4. Make up the plan of the text and retell it according to the plan (not less then 100 words).