Reading Tasks

Understanding main points

Answer these questions

1) Find in the text some specific details of early Italian technique.

2) What changes occurred in the technique of 15th century painters?

3) Describe the technique of painting called tempera.

4) What does “glaze”cmean? Can you explain what “blending of colors” is? What’s the opposite of “transparent”?

5) Describe about the development of the oil-painting technique, using painters of the Venetian school as an example.

6) Point out two different approaches to the line and colour.

Understanding details

Make these statements T (true) or F (false) according to the information in the text.

1. The early tempera paintings were done on gesso grounds on wood panels.

2. Artists progressed by developing superior skill and craftsmanship rather than by adopting more fluent or easily handled materials.

3. The works of Botticelli and Fra Angelico exemplify the high point of technical achievemen in marine.

4. Antonello refined his tempera paintings throughout with oily or resinous transparent glazes.

5. In their importance to painting techniques line can be rated above colour.

6. The practice of easel painting in oil paint on canvas was a sudden invention.

7. The tonal masses might be used to play a part equal to that of linear draftsmanship. This change was made possible by the adoption of oily mediums.

8. Working under the patronage of the Church or the reigning families, the artists reflected the artistic tastes of their times.

3. How the text is organized

These sentences summarise the main idea of each paragraph. Match each sentence to the correct paragraph.

1. The early Italian paintings.

2. The culmination of tempera painting.

3. Predomination of colour.

4. The practice of easel painting – a few introductory words increasing influence of the tonal masses.

Match these words as they occur together in the text.

easel considerable turning gesso resinous subtle fluent tonal technical linear oily ground point detail painting materials approach mediums deaftsmanship change masses command

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